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Date: Thursday, January 17, 2013
Time: Membership Social at 7:30
Program at 8:00 p.m.

Location: Coastal Georgia Center, 305 Fahm St. (behind the Visitor's Center) Directions and Map
Access: Open to the public and free for members, students and accompanying family members, educators and active military and their dependents. $10.00 charge for non-members.

photo - lynn-jones

Mr. Sean Lynn-Jones


After the Cold War ended, promoting the international spread of democracy seemed poised to replace containment as the guiding principle of U.S. foreign policy. Scholars, policymakers, and commentators embraced the idea that democratization could become America’s next mission. Following the chastening experiences of U.S. intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, critics have argued that spreading democracy may be unwise or even harmful. This talk will address that debate. It will argue that the United States should continue to promote democracy and refute some of the most important arguments against U.S. efforts to spread democracy. After a brief discussion of definitions of democracy and liberalism, the talk will summarize the reasons why the spread of democracy— especially liberal democracy— benefits the citizens of new democracies, promotes international peace, and serves U.S. interests. The talk will then consider how the United States can strategically promote democracy and ensure that its policies are efficient and effective.


Sean M. Lynn-Jones is Editor of the quarterly journal, International Security, which is based at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He is also Series Editor of the Belfer Center Studies in International Security, a book series that is published by MIT Press. Sean previously served as Managing Editor of International Security (1987–1991) and was a fellow at the Center (1984–1987 and 1991–1992). He is a member of the Editorial Board of Security Studies. Sean’s research interests include international relations theory, U.S. foreign policy, and why rivalries end peacefully. His articles have appeared in Foreign Policy, International Security, and Security Studies, as well as in many edited volumes. He has edited or co-edited several anthologies of International Security articles, including Do Democracies Win Their Wars? (2011), Contending with Terrorism: Roots, Strategies, and Responses (2010), Going Nuclear: Nuclear Proliferation and International Security in the 21st Century (2010), Primacy and Its Discontents: American Power and International Stability (2009), Offense, Defense, and War (2004), Theories of War and Peace (1998), America's Strategic Choices (1997), Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (1997); East Asian Security (1996), Debating the Democratic Peace (1996), The Perils of Anarchy: Contemporary Realism and International Security (1995), Global Dangers: Changing Dimensions of International Security (1995); The Cold War and After (1991; expanded edition 1993); and Military Strategy and the Origins of the First World War (1991).

Mr. Lynn-Jones was educated at Haverford College, the London School of Economics, and Harvard University. Before joining International Security he was an editorial assistant at Foreign Policy magazine. He and his wife and daughter live in Brookline, Massachusetts, where he serves as an elected Town Meeting Member and a member of the town’s Finance Committee.


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