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Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time: Membership Social at 7:30
Program at 8:00 p.m.

Location: Coastal Georgia Center, 305 Fahm St. (behind the Visitor's Center) Directions and Map
Access: Open to the public and free for members, students and accompanying family members, educators and active military and their dependents. $10.00 charge for non-members.

This program marks a departure from our usual format.  We will have two speakers, each of whom will address a topic that is under-reported in this country but which has powerful implications for Mexico, the U.S., and the world.  These two excellent speakers have been arranged by and sponsored by Georgia Southern University through its North American Mobility Program.




Dr. Katia Romero

Renewable Energy in Mexico: A business opportunity

Mexico has worked hard to develop its green economy because it recognizes the need to decrease its dependency on fossils fuels. and also because of the economic potential associated with this investment. This potential includes benefits such as lower energy costs, improvements in environmental conditions, jobs, R&D and innovation and foreign investment. It is expected that the green economy will stimulate growth in the broader economy.     

Mexico needs an estimated increase in capacity of 27 gigawatts of electricity over the next 15 years. Since 2005, Mexico’s renewable energy sector has seen a total foreign investment of 4.77 billion dollars. 2014 is expected to experience a continued increase, making it particularly attractive to foreign investment.

Dr. Romero will explain what Mexico has done, and will likely do in the future, to capitalize on this opportunity.



PRESENT RANK: Assistant Professor

APPOINTMENT: 40% Research, 60% Instruction/Advising


Ph.D. University of Veracruz Applied Ecology 2013

M.S. University of Georgia Applied Economics 2007

B.A. Autonomous University of Puebla State 2004 


Academic Positions:

Assistant Professor, School of Economics at University of Veracruz  (Universidad Veracruzana (2010-)

- Academic Advisor on the graduate program Master in Ecological and Environmental Economics (2012-)

- Lecturer, Universidad Veracruzana Pre-grade and graduate school of Economics Universidad Veracruzana (2007-2010)

- Graduate Research Assistant, Universidad Veracruzana (2008-2011)

- Graduate Research Assistant, University of Georgia (2005-2007)


II. Resident Instruction

Courses: Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Geography Economics, Ecological Economics, International Economics

III. Publications

Journal Articles:

  • “Diversification in low-grade coffee growing areas of veracruz, mexico: market possibilities” journal of the food and distribution research num. 1. Vol. Xxxvii, marzo, 2006


  • “Problems and perspectives pre- and post- nafta: 
    coffee from the mexican state of veracruz” journal of the food and distribution research num. 1. Vol. Xxxviii, marzo, 2007



Migration and Remittances: Social and economics implications

Arturo Bocardo Valle PhD

According to the World Bank, the United States is the largest destination country for international migrants and is by far the largest source country for international remittances, totaling about 51.6 billion dollars in 2011. Mexico is the number one destination of outward remittance, an estimated of 20% of the total. Since the late 1990´s the inward flow of money to Mexico has become a main source of income for rural families. Yet despite more than 10 years of high remittance flows, the economic conditions of both senders and receivers seem to be the same. However, social conditions have suffered a profound change, affecting culture and consumption in rural Mexico.

Dr. Bocardo will address the economic and social conditions surrounding this enormous flow of money to our southern neighbor.


PRESENT RANK: Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University of Florida -Food and Resource Economics 2013

M.S. Colegio de la Frontera México -Applied Economics 2007

B.A. Universidad Veracruzana -Economics 2004

Academic Positions:

Economics Deparment Head School of Economics at University of Veracruz

(Universidad Veracruzana (2012-)

-Full time profesor Economics Department Universidad Veracruzana

Resident Instruction

Courses: Econometrics, Stata, Microeconomics, Agricultural Economics

III. Publications (Selected)

2010 Migración Y Remesas En México Ante El Contexto De La Crisis

Financiera Mundial, Trabajo, Sociedad Y Economía: Sus Transformaciones En

El Siglo Xxi Maria T. Montalvo Romero Y Luis F. Villafuerte Valdes, Arana

Editores, Vol. , Pags. 17, Arturo Bocardo Valle Y Ana Cecilia Travieso Bello

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Wardowski, William M. Miller, David J. Hall, Will, E. O. Painter Printing Co., Vol. ,

Pags. , Thomas H. Spreen, Arturo Bocardo, And Ronald P. Murano



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